Mothers Day photoshoot - £35.00 inc 10x8 print

Today we want to talk about the value of pictures and the idea of memory within those. Maybe you saw the post we share on Facebook yesterday? We thought it said something really profound about taking the time to stop and record the present moment. It's and old cliché, particularly perpetuated by photographers, but things change before you know it. Photography is really the only tool we have to pause time and secure those memories for the future. This applies to everything of course, but especially to Mothers and your family. Its a sad truth but not everyone is with us forever. That's why we at CAM really believe in creating a family archive of captured moments, which can last through the generations. We're sure you have already started, everyone has a smartphone nowadays (make sure to keep those backed up by the way) but there's something really special about sitting down for a family portrait. This kind of photography is difficult to replicate during the rigours of everyday life, so every now and then we like to give you a nudge to get a plan in place.

It's something we often here - 'oh I've been meaning to get a family session done but never get round to it'. Well, what a perfect occasion Mothers day is for that! Time to round up the troops and get down to the studio (or location) with the family. It's just an excuse really, but there's nothing like an occasion to get everyone together. This time of year we really love to produce generational pictures, showing a family from grandparents down to a brand-new baby is always fantastic. Of course this is something we encourage all the time. However, if you can get everyone together for a really special shoot it will last for years before you really need to update it. Its also a brilliant opportunity to do something different as well. Our sessions only take an hour, but once you've all dressed up there's the rest of the day to get our and do something together, as a family. Just another excuse really - but a lovely one. 

As an extra incentive, we'll be releasing our Mothers Day promotion in the coming week (you may have seen it already). If not, make sure to keep your eyes on our Facebook page to take advantage of the opportunity. As always, feel free to like and share or to call us with any questions on 01942 396 228 (Ashton) or 01524 846 697 (Lancaster). Otherwise, we'll see you next time for another CAMtastic blog (that sounded better in our head sorry - bye!).