Please make sure you read all the terms listed below prior to your session or showcase, Its boring we know BUT important!

BOOKING FEES -  We take booking fees to secure all our sessions. This is the full cost of the shoot you have booked. Please note that this is non-refundable & your session can only be transferred to another date if we have been given the correct notice of 24 hours to change your appointment with us & you have received confirmation from a member of the team . If you pay for the session/voucher in full at the time of booking this can be transferred  to a different session of your choice or you will receive a credit to the studio to spend has you wish on other sessions or products we sell.  Please note that no refunds will be given on any sessions booked or purchased vouchers if you simply change your mind . 


We require at least 24 hours notice to rearrange your photographic/showcase session should you need to There are several ways that may be done - Phone  01524846697 if unavailable, leaving a message is also acceptable. Texting on this number (07957947253) is acceptable. Also, on our Facebook pages by leaving us a message (inbox) or Email. You will receive notification that we have had your request to rearrange to a different day  from a member of the team.

Gift Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash or refundable but can be transferred to a different session we offer. 

SHOWCASE /VIEWS -Please be aware that we allocate up to 1 hour per photo-session and 1 hour for a showcase session from our diary; therefore, appropriate measures must be taken if you require a change in appointment time or to reschedule your appointment. These measures are defined above. If no such action is taken, your complimentary print included in your session (valued at £50.00) will be voided


If you are unable to keep your reservation, please contact the studio in order to rearrange or cancel. There is an option to leave us a message should we not be available or via email , fb is also acceptable. Appointments should be cancelled with a Minimum of 24 Hours notice where possible.


For promotional purposes by CAM Photography, the usage of you or your child is conditional on never having worked with another photography company previously within 6 months at time of booking. This is applicable within a 100-mile radius of our studio with the corresponding postcode of LA1 3LA to secure the time in our studio, a 50% booking fee will be required; this will be refundable on the completion of the appointment. If you do not attend your appointment, or cancel without 24 hours notice, the session will be void and the booking fee lost. Images taken will be of what the sole purpose of the model call represents , if you require or would like to use the opportunity to update images with your child or family then a FEE will be chargeable extra. Please speak with your photographer prior to the session to make them aware of your wishes so we can allocate the correct time to do so . If you are chosen to represent CAM Photography your images may be used on our website, social media and for any other promotional purposes. When attending a model booking you do have the option to purchase further prints at the time of your showcase , To Qualify for the promotion price  Payment will be paid in full upon booking and images will be released to you after the session . Payments not paid in full will revert to our standard prices should you wish to pay just the booking fee. Any images uploaded to social media sites , please feel free to tag yourself for memories and hit share . We may offer promotional rates on model call images these will be available for that day only upon the view  , these promotional rates will not be available at any other time . Any booking fees paid to secure your model session will be refunded upon completion of the session. In the event that you do not uphold any part of the session or you do not attend the view without a confirmed cancellation CAM Photography reserves the right to keep any monies previously paid for the time booked out of our diary.


These sessions are paid in full at the time of booking (£30.00). If you fail to attend, or cancel without notice, on any of the three sessions then the corresponding complimentary print from the session will be voided.The print can then be released at a charge of £35.00 and a booking fee will then apply to any further sessions. Any sessions that have been completed to the point of non-attendance will still be honoured, in terms of the included prints in the £30.00 package. It is down to the parent to contact us when your baby is ready for the next stage of the sessions! EG - Sitting /Standing/Running. All babies develop at different stages some ready sooner than others. Please Call 01524846697 if you need any advice on booking in we will be happy to help. Please note if you decide not to complete the WMG programme you are only entitled to one image from each session that you have attended. If an appointment is not made to view the images from any of sessions you have during an 8 week timescale from the date of the session, your image will be chosen for you by a member of the team and the other images we captured will be removed from the system . You will be contacted 3 times ( Facebook , Email & Phone-calls will be made to you or via text & Whats-App ) by Cam photography to arrange your viewing and to give you the opportunity to choose your own image included as part of the session.


For Customers who choose to do a payment plan & it is linked to a watch me grow - If you cancel the agreement before the full amount is paid, CAM Photography reserve the right to not uphold any further sessions on the programme. However any sessions that have been attended up to that point will still be valid for the 7x5 print included in the standard Watch Me Grow package. Please note, that if cancelled, the limited collections prints will be voided and the prints included on the watch me grow will revert back to the 7x5 size included in that session. Immediate family may be included on one or more sessions as part of the collection. However, this is limited to parents and siblings. Limited collections can not be transferred to New Siblings born after the purchased Collection and the images included will always be of who the collection started with originally , if you are wishing to photograph a new sibling with a child on a watch me grow programme this will be limited to x1 image only included from the collection purchased either of the siblings together ( at sit up stage only ) or x1 family image . If you are wanting more images of the siblings together then a separate photographic session must be purchased .Other family members, such as Grandparents,Auntie ,Uncles Cousins etc do not qualify and a separate photographic session will need to be booked for their inclusion. If you do not turn up to a booked session without cancelling and having confirmation from us you will be required to pay a new sitting fee of £35.00 for the new appointment you wish to make this is due to us loosing time out of the studio when your appointment could of gone to another client wishing to take this time slot . If you are more than 30 Mins late to your booked appointment we reserve the right to cancel your session and a new sitting fee will be payable .Please note that Cake-smashs  are not included has part of the limited collection & will need to be booked separately and the appropriate fee of £45.00 will be chargeable 



If you have purchased one of  our digital or print collections , you can swop out prints included has part of that collection to larger prints or smaller prints up to the value allocated in the collection .You can also use the allocated spend to put towards higher valued products such has frames , canvas etc please speak with your photographer and we will be happy to go through your options . 


To set up a payment plan with CAM Photography we do require a minimum of £50.00 or £65.00 if a Newborn Posing Session to set this up! This can be classed has a first payment , A minimum of £50.00 would be required monthly . Please note any money previously paid to us has part of a payment plan will not be refunded if you want to end/cancel the agreement early. You will not receive any images unless the full amount for the collection you ordered is paid for in full . 

If you are on a payment plan we order your images upon completion of the plan. Images will only be added to Facebook once full payment has been received & sent to print. 

CAKE-SMASH - We can provide the cake through our recommended supplier cakes start from £25.00 . Due to the nature of the session Once the cake has been ordered you will be committed to the date booked and no changes can be made , If the session is to be rescheduled you will have to repurchase a a further cake at your expense . We can not guarantee ( has with any sessions ) baby will get involved with smashing etc we are totally led by your baby and will go with their pace , we can not commit to how many images will be supplied from these sessions and we will not reshoot the session complimentary if baby will not get involved due to the bespoke nature of a cake-smash photo-shoot .


SCAN - book this through Bay Ultrasound direct your contact will be Stella. Scans will be done around 26-30 weeks but please direct with stella for any information regarding this part of the promotion.Please confirm this with us once you have booked in , if you fail to turn up to the scan a further £35.00 will be payable to Bay ultrasound.

NEWBORN SESSION - Please contact us as soon as baby arrives . Baby needs to be around 4-16 days at the time of the shoot please make sure you read all information sent out to you prior to the session , Family & Sibling images can be done on part of this session but there will be an extra charge please speak with a member of the team prior to the session for details.

SITTER SESSION - Recommended around 7/8/9 months or when baby can sit sturdily without a wobble. ( sitting session only )

CAKE SMASH - Please reserve this session before you baby turns 1 . 2 weeks notice needed to order cake ( smash only valid for 1 month after baby’s birthday ) Then an extra session fee will occur should you want to reserve.

MISSED SESSIONS - In the event any of the sessions are missed , Cam Photography will not carry over any prints included to further sessions. It is your sole responsibility to call up and make contact with us to pre book the relevant session your baby is onto next . If you forget and baby is to old for the session then this will become void & Non refundable.

Cake Smash on the Bump 2 Baby Promotion - The cake provided will be a naked cake on a plain backdrop ,If you require a special theme/colour we will need 2 weeks notice to be able to provide the props appropriate. (An Extra charge will be applicable ) If you do not request a theme / colours with your photographer prior to the session the cake smash will be down to discretion of photographer on the day. If siblings or family images are to be taken at your request then this must be done at the start of the session and a further £35.00 will be payable ( A cost of a photoshoot ) Please advise us of any intolerances baby may have. We have a small range of No 1 vests you are welcome to use or bloomers! PLEASE NOTE - We do not provide cake smash outfits on these sessions but you are welcome to bring along your own if you wish to, click this link for inspiration or to purchase one to your taste:


CakeSmash - If you have paid the upgrade fee of £125.00 for all the digital images Images provided will be of the baby doing the Cake Smash only. An extra Charge will be applied for sibling or family images ( £35.00) to be taken as part of this session , photographer must have prior notice of this before the session takes place and must be done at the start of the session & before the cake smash starts .

Any questions please ask your photographer prior to the session booked and we can help and advise if needed. Splash sessions are not included on this session but can be added extra ( charge will be applicable ) . Please remember to bring towels / wipes and a clean set of clothes for after the smash you will be involved in the session (helping to keep baby still if crawling so please wear old clothes that you dont mind getting full of cake & icing .

WEDDING - Any booking fees or Monies paid to CAM Photography to secure your date will be non -refundable should you cancel the wedding or change the date. This is due to us keeping that date & hours booked out for you, & no further bookings can take place. These terms will apply without a signed contract agreeing the wedding terms & conditions.  

WMG - if you do not turn up without cancelling your showcase and we have time booked out with you to view your images - studio time is then wasted , therefore the complimentry print included as part of your shoot will be void and there will be a further £35.00 payable to release the image upon your rebooked view appointment.

NEWBORN -If you fail to turn up to a Newborn Posing Session without cancelling your session 24 hours prior you will be liable to pay a further £85.00 to book back in . If you fail to turn up to view the images from your Photo-shoot once the appointment has been made and confirmed , you will loose the complimentry image included in the session & a £65.00 print release will be payable to Cam Photography upon the rebooked showcase.


All images captured by us are owned and copyright protected under the copyright & patents act of 1988 by CAM Photography Lancaster Limited. It is a criminal offence to screenshot, copy, scan or reproduce your images in any way without full written consent from CAM Photography. When purchasing the digital images , please do not apply filters or digitally manipulate the images in any way this is against copyright. Please do not apply Facebook or Instagram filters. Please note, it is normal practice for us as a company to use the images we take under all aspect of the sessions we offer - If you do not wish the images we take to be used for such purposes, (Facebook , Instagram, Website or Studio Wall Samples ,competitions ) then please bring this to our attention you can do so by putting this into writing prior to either your photoshoot or showcase! by emailing on - this will insure your images are kept private. When sharing images of children we will ask for the legal guardians authorization before uploading the image. If you are a returning customer or have a number of sessions booked with us (eg watch me grow ) and you have given us prior consent to share your images, we will still share new images as per our previous agreement, If circumstances have changed and you no longer want us to share your images then we will require you to email us to update us of your request. The purpose of showcasing our work is to keep our media current.Once your image is uploaded to Facebook you can tag and share your beautiful images ,Images we use in our studio for display will be offered to you at cost price when we renew our wall-art .Images that we upload to FB&Insta please could we kindly ask that you leave the image sat on our FB page for a minimum of 48 hours before uploading to profile images and covers! after this time please feel free to use them. Feel free to tag family , friends and loved ones in our posts. If you have any further questions regarding the above feel free to call us on 01524846697.


The files licensed to you are for your personal and business promotional use only . Website , social media, spotlight and agent websites are also permitted.

Please note the Copyright of the images we take will not be wavered to any other company wishing to use your images for commercial usage and can not be printed in any newspaper or magazines , brochures without my authorisation . For more information on Copyright please follow the link attached

The usage of your own camera is not permitted during any session (apart from our own of course), we are dedicated to capturing perfect images for you & your family. Please respect our work and keep your phones in pockets. If caught using your phone or Camera in a session your photo-session will be terminated no prints will be released  & any fees paid will be Non refundable. 


Please allow up to 30 working  days (Mon - Fri) to receive your images/wall art, this time is taken from the point of order + 1 day and after full payment. This time allows us to maintain our high standards of presentation & allows any external work to be completed (Bespoke framing etc).We do not print our images on site and work with an external printers, therefore we will not be held accountable for any delays as a result of external factors. You may even need to come back into the studio to final proof your bespoke item before we send it to print. We personally check each individual order before it leaves each studio to make sure it meets our standards. Please try to be patient during this time, we know how excited you will be to receive your images and we will contact you as soon as its ready for collection.

Please note, if no extra purchase is made at the time of your view we will, unfortunately, delete your images from our hard drives. We are unable to store your images indefinitely. You can opt to pay a £150.00 holding fee to secure your images to choose at a later date this amount can then be used against products.

Due to the custom nature of photography no cancellations or refunds are possible once you leave the studio. You will be given the opportunity to final proof your order at the time of your view and before your payment is taken by us - your order form will be then be signed and you will will be given a copy for your reference . Your order will then be worked on & sent to print. 

If you need your images sooner, please speak with us and you can opt for our express service. Chargeable extra!

Images purchased at the time of a view with a deposit to order will be disposed of & money will be lost ,if the images are not collected within a 3 month period of us contacting you to arrange collection .

Butterfly & Bird - Janines sessions with collections included will be honoured for 18 month period only of her joining CAM Photography . Start date April 16 - Oct 17 (end date). Any further sessions after this time will be chargeable by Cam Photography . 


Please call the studio direct on 01524846697 on the morning you wish to collect your products to arrange a suitable time to collect your order.

This cannot be done in advance and can only be arranged on the day you would like to come in you will be offered times throughout the day to collect your products ,No collection arrangements will be made through Facebook or Email. If you turn up without an appointment to collect and we are in a photo-shoot or showcase we will not break off from our booked appointment to handover . Thank-you for your respect


Prices are subject to change at any time. Please make sure you ask for an up to date price guide upon booking if you do not have one. To be fair to all our customers our prices are non-negotiable. Please do not embarrass your photographer by asking for a deal or for discounts. We find our price guide is very competitive. If you do not see something on the price guide you are looking for please do bring this to our attention. 


We spend many hours editing your chosen images to perfection !  skin softening reducing wrinkles ,making teeth super white , removing flakes and pimples from newborn baby’s skin-  this is all part of our  service , However Sometimes we are asked to swop people from image to another this can be very time consuming and may carry further charges for the time involved - Please ask Cheryl upon your reveal and she can advise you further on creating the perfect bespoke image. 


Please note once you have received your USB containing your digital images , it is your responsibility to make sure you have backed them up to your preferred method . We do  not keep your images once they have been handed over or back them up through our online service . 


By booking a photographic/model session with us you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions listed above.

Thank you for your respect. 

CAM Photography.