Newborn FAQ

Up there with our most popular sessions, there's nothing that can quite match the preciousness of a brand new baby. Whether its natural simplicity or perfectly posed our newborn sessions are always very special. That said, its also unlike anything else we offer, both practically and creatively. So - we had the bright idea of putting together a handy FAQ for your perusal. 


What is the ideal age for a Newborn session?

Our first and perhaps most important question. If you're looking for something particularly posed is essential that the session takes place within the first  5-12 days of birth. During this time, your baby will be sleeping soundly  (more often, than not) and will be most malleable to different poses and positions. Naturally, they will also revert to similar sleeping positions as in the womb - these forms are extra cute and ideal for  a more naturally orientated session. Beyond this, your baby will start to grow quickly and naturally seek to stretch and move, which makes the session significantly more challenging. (Not that it can't be done, but better to catch the sleepy window!)


How far in advance should I book my session session?

When you're still pregnant! This is primarily for two reasons, the first is that the moment your baby arrives you will be bombarded with visits, little jobs and looking after a whole new person. It can be a hectic time, which makes it super important to get the date in the diary before the world shifts sideways. The second reason is to ensure you can guarantee and appointment with your photographer. As said, there is a short window to of opportunity for those really special portraits and we need to know to expect you. Our newborn sessions often fill up very quickly, This allows to us to just 8 sessions a month ,and though we do our best to accommodate everyone sometimes we just don't have the availability. So make sure to think ahead if you want those perfect portraits.


How long does a session take?

Every session takes 1-3 hours in our studio, from start to finish. This may seem like a long time at first but we assure you its necessary. Roughly half that time will usually be spent feeding and comforting your baby, to ensure they are in the perfect state for their portraits. The rest of the time is spent working with a variety of poses, introducing props and capturing memories. Newborn photography is a very specialist subject and our photographers are more than experienced in the craft, which means we know how to get the best out of the session time. 


What should I dress my baby in on the day?

Nearly all newborn photography is done in the nude. Therefore, your priority for dress should be something comfortable and easy to take off and on. We always keep our studio extra warm for newborns so they will be comfortable in their skin. If you have something special in mind, as an outfit or clothing item, please let us know beforehand so we can build it into the session seamlessly on the day (The same goes for any unique props you may have).


What else should I bring?

Come prepared with all the essentials, wipes, nappies, bottles, etc. Basically everything you'll be carrying around on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. If you want to be on the photos yourself (you are more than welcome to), please bring a spare change of clothing in case of any unfortunate accidents that may occur when holding a naked baby. We try to have all the basics on hand ourselves but always come prepared, just in case. 


What safety precautions are in place?

As mentioned previously, our studio is always kept very warm and we usually have a extra heater  on to ensure baby is comfortable. Our photographers also have years of experience working with newborns, A big factor with any newborn session is usually the posing - we know how to do this safely and delicately, and have been specially trained in handling & posing your newborn baby . Baby will only be put into a pose they are comfortable with to ,You can be confident in choosing us that we have the experience and know-how to keep your baby safe - we wouldn't be where we are today otherwise. 


Are you the right photographer for me?

You should always ask this question. Choosing a newborn photographer is an important decision and you should assess your options beforehand. A big part of your decision is whether you like the work. We are proud of the work we do (and its multi award award winning) but perhaps it isn't in the style you're looking for. Another key point is to assess the amount of experience your photographer has and seek a second opinion before you book. We actively encourage you to do so, and we love to hear peoples responses and feedback to our work.

If you decide we are the right fit for you, we are always open to further questions and ideas. Every session is unique and we are always looking to try something new. Ultimately though, the decision is yours - we hope this has proven to be a helpful guide and we'll let our work speak for itself.