Inspired by Kenny’s recent win from ‘The Guild Of Photographers’, we thought would we do a post to highlight some of our favourite award-winning images. We are proud to say that our skilled team of photographers has notched up over 30 individual awards, from both The Guild and ‘The National Photography Society’ (NPS). As a team, we value these accolades because it recognises that our work is of a consistently high standard and has a place in the wider world of art and photography. Not every image can be award-winning but we strive with every session to learn and improve, which enables us to equal or better our already high standards. However, our first priority is always our clients and their individual needs – some of the best images we’ve produced have been created from pure spontaneity. Although, the images we have chosen to highlight today are perhaps better described as purposefully crafted.

This time around, Kenny was awarded three bonze bars from The Guild. Below you can see our favourite of his recent winners. This particular image is a particularly striking ‘Fine Art’ portrait and is full of subtle melancholy. No doubt you would see many gleeful smiles from the other images from the session; however, there is something special about the pensive gaze coming from those eyes, which are so full of innocence. A perfect example of one of our ‘Fine Art’ sessions at it’s best.

One of Cheryl’s most recent awards is the image of the dog below. Describing it as an ‘image of a dog’ is perhaps underselling it somewhat. This image is a real tableau and is overflowing with clear narratives. It is also technically a bit of an accomplishment, taking real skill to create and finalise. This image represents the realisation of a creative vision and hours of preparation, presentation and post-prodcution. Again, this was awarded a bronze bar by The Guild and is Cheryl’s 19th individual award. Barring all the technical and creative achievements for this image, you have to admit everyone loves a good picture of a dog.

A slight departure from the previous images (which fall squarely within the ‘Fine Art’ category), Janine’s trademark newborns are also award-winners. We’ve previously devoted an entire post to the sculptural endeavours it takes to produce an image such as the one below. You can find it here if you missed it. Although, there is definitely a cuteness overload with this particular image. The image was awarded as ‘Highly Commended’ from the NPS and is one of Janine’s six individual awards.

If you’ve been reading this post and have been thinking: ‘Bronze? Highly Commended? Pfft. Where are the Golds?’ you have a point. The competition is very tough and we have a long way to go before hitting those elusive gold and silver bars. However, we are proud of our achievements so far and continue to consistently improve our work (Life would be dull with nothing to strive for).

Awards certainly represent a positive thing for us, showing that we are moving our photography in the right direction. The thing we are most proud of, however, is our service to our clients, which isn’t so easily measured but is always our top priority.