Newborn Mini-sessions

You may ask, what could possibly be more mini than a brand new baby? Well you'd be correct, newborns are about as small as it comes when it comes to our photography (though we did photograph a tortoise once). Our newborn mini-sessions, as we've taken to calling them are something new we've introduced as a special alternative to our standard session.  

So whats the difference? Well, our standard newborn session is 2-3 hours long, which allows for a variety of poses and props to be included and results in a tremendous amount of image variety. However, we often find that people come to us with a vision in mind for their perfect image. Perhaps you've seen something perfect on our website, or have a totally unique idea that you want us to create? If so, the mini session may be for you. We've designed the session to only be an hour long, which is enough for us to create the singular perfect image you could be seeking. Its also a lesser time commitment for you, at what is inevitably a very busy time, and takes less time in our studio. Therefore, the mini-session is priced accordingly at £45, which includes a 10x8 print of your chosen image. 

If you are looking to capture everything from our newborn sessions than this perhaps isn't for you. However, if the above description of the singular image strikes a chord, then consider the mini-session. The most important thing, as we always say, is to capture this amazing moment in time - how you would prefer to do so is down to you, but make sure you have the memory. If you have any questions, or would like to hear more please contact us on 01524 846 697 (Lancaster) or 01942 396 228 (Ashton).