Fathers Day

18th June - The date for your diary. A big day for all the Fathers out there and the Fathers of Fathers, or Grandfathers as they are more commonly called. A day for sport, a day for BBQs and a great day for food and drink. However, behind all the outward masculinity is a Father and by the very definition of the word a Father has a child. Therefore, the elongated point we are trying to make is that any Father would love a gift of a photo session on their special day. Why? Because its the prefect opportunity, and excuse, to capture such a special relationship. 

If you made it through all the Fathers up there, well done; we'll keep it to a minimum from here onwards. Truth is, its a difficult thing to put into words, such a paternal bond. Its probably something to with overly masculine stereotypes (but that's a topic for another day) but its such an important thing, for the children, parent and family. The 'Day' is really just an excuse to celebrate that and to be thankful that relationship exists. The gift of a photo session at this time is the perfect one because it makes tangible what is so difficult to put into words. Take this image for example, no flowery words of ours can do it justice. It just is. 

If you know someone who would love an image like that, then keep us in your thoughts for your gift idea this Fathers Day. Our studio sessions are £35 with a 10x8 print and its sure to be appreciated. Please call use with any enquires on 01524 846 697 (Lancaster) and 01942 396 228 (Ashton).