Simply put, this is a blog – a Captured by CAM Photography blog. Slightly confusing we know. Written words perhaps seem counterproductive when your everyday dealings are with beautiful images. Not so, however, words are so often the anchorage to a good image. Sometimes context is everything, which leads us to the purpose of these words.

This blog will be a regular one, or so we hope. Dealing with the everyday comings-and-goings of our busy studios and providing extra insight into the CAM Photography world. What better place to start than at the beginning? Our doors are approaching five years of being open in Ashton-In-Makerfield, with our sister studio in Lancaster now been running over a year! Between our dedicated team of Cheryl, Kenny and Sam (and Janine, but more on that soon) we have many stories to share.

However, we would be remiss if we failed to start in an appropriate place. Such a place is in our studio and particularly, our Studio Sessions. The phrase ‘Studio Session’ is overly simplified and perhaps unfairly so; this session is catered directly to each of our fantastic customers and their specific needs. Perfect for families, children and pets – it caters for everyone. We dedicate up to an hour to each session, this is perfect to allow time for everyone to relax become comfortable with their new environments. Relationship building is a big part of our philosophy, its maybe a cliche but genuinely happy people make the best pictures. Take Betsy for example, she had the best time playing in our studio, after her mini-makeover of course.

Or how about Alison and her beautiful family – gleaming smiles all round. Each session runs at £35, which includes a 10×8 print. After your session we invite you back at a convenient time for your image showcase. Its then a simple case of deciding what pictures you love the most (There’s always loads to choose from). The examples we’ve shown here are just a snippet of the stories to follow.