Pamper & Pose

This week, we want to introduce a session that we love but perhaps wouldn’t be expected from a photography studio. This session is something exciting, fun and can be a really special experience for everyone involved. To avoid further building the suspense we’ll just come out with it; we are of course talking about our ‘Pamper & Pose’ photo-parties, which true detectives will have surmised from the title of the post.

As our hyphenated word may suggest, this session isn’t too easily categorised. In simple terms, it is a party (almost like any other) combined with a fun-filled photo session. Another key portion of the title is the ‘Pamper’ section. Each attendee of the party is also treated to professional hair and makeup ready for their group and individual photos.

This session makes an ideal birthday alternative for any pre-teen princesses and a group of up to seven friends. The session can be up to two hours (including hair and makeup) and is full of music, laughter and plenty of posing. Each party includes a complimentary print to ensure the special day is remembered.

Although, we advise minimal parental presence during the party; we will of course welcome any parents who would like to see the images after the party itself. Each ‘Pamper & Pose’ session starts from £50. As always, we tailour each session to specific individual needs, so if you have any questions or enquires don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Next week, the plan is to look at everyones favourite kind of images, Pets. We love animals of all shapes and sizes and have certainly photographed our fair share of pampered pooches. We won’t spoil it for next week, when we’ll show off some of our favourites.