Imagine a sculptor who works with stone, marble or similar material – This sculptor is initially presented with something in its rawest from; the task is then to create a piece of refined and considered artwork. Of course, this takes time, patience and skill. To even begin to sculpt, the artist needs knowledge and a vision to create a pre-conceived idea. Beginning with minute adjustments as the artist slowly chips away to create the desired form; a slow but rewarding process. The initial vision undoubtably shifts and changes as the sculptor responds and works with their chosen material. However, with the required time and patience something special can be produced.

Why, as photographers, are we discussing and romanticising the sculptors process? Don’t worry, you haven’t stumbled onto the wrong blog (or maybe you have if you were looking for sculptors), but our specialist newborn process shares a lot of similarities with the above description. Hopefully the metaphor wasn’t too laborious, but it takes the same time patience and skill to produce a high standard of newborn images. Granted, we have it slightly easier that the sculptor because babies arrive ready to melt the heart, unlike a big piece of stone. However, it requires signifiant time to sculpt and shape them to best covey their innate beauty. Our specialists Janine and Cheryl are practically a wizards when it comes to this, with both having won multiple awards for newborn photography. Take the image below for example:

It may look completely natural, but this is absolutely by design. Significant time has been spent positioning little hands and toes to create this pose. To emphasise again, this is the culmination of dozens of hours of training and practice. The simplicity is deceiving, it can be incredibly difficult but equally rewarding. Each baby is different and we endeavour to respond in kind, which makes each session different. Practically, this is why we often need two hours or more to create these images. We also recommend that each session be planned and booked prior to birth; this is because the first two weeks after birth represent the critical window to create these poses.

Each session is £85, including a 10×8 print. This ensures to optimal time in our studio to create these images and guarantees you an amazing print from the session. More of our work is available on our website and Facebook pages. Please don’t hesitate to call with any enquires or questions you might have on 01942 396 22 (Ashton) and 01524 846 697 (Lancaster). Next week we’ll talk about something completely new and exciting, our Fine Art Collection.