Meet the Team

This is long overdue and arguably should have been one of, if not, the first posts on our blog. Why the delay? We’ll admit, it was mainly because we couldn’t find any suitable pictures of ourselves! The trouble with being photographers is that we are always behind the camera; its ever-so rare that we manage to step in front and its almost always in jest. Thus, finding serious (and flattering) pictures of us all was quite the task. It would have been nice just to have one nice group picture to show you all… Then again, it would be nice to see pigs fly. However, after much searching and deliberation we’ve arrived at some acceptable outcomes.

First one up to bat is Cheryl, ‘our glorious leader’. Cheryl opened our Ashton branch just nearly 6 years ago! (we can’t believe it either) – she originally got into photography after beginning to take pictures of her beautiful daughter Olivia. She took lots of pictures, then she started taking pictures of her friend’s children and before you know it she had her own studio called ‘CAM Photography’. six years and 19 awards later, we are here today. Its rather a long story short; of course, there were many trials and tribulations along the way, with much laughter and learning to. A particular lover of newborns and pets, she approaches every task with the same dedication and enthusiasm as she did when first starting out. In early 2015, she opened our second studio in Lancaster but continues to steer the ship in Ashton as well.

Desperate to continue with the seafaring metaphors, we need to find a suitable title for Janine. Previously in our newborn blog we compared her skills to that of a sculptor. Now our shipping scenario doesn’t have too much room for sculpting, perhaps a carpenter? No; we need a mainstay on the ship. Lets go with head chef – that will work. The kitchen is the heart of any good ship and its often where the biggest intricacies are accomplished. Janine is our newborn specialist and recently joined the team at CAM Lancaster. Winner of multiple awards for newborns and little-ones, she certainly knows her wraps from her blankets. Aside from helping Cheryl in Lancaster, Janine has been both invaluable to our clients and to us, with her veritable sea of skills and knowledge. We don’t know what we did without her!

How to describe our penultimate team member in nautical terms? Potboy? Cannon-Fodder? Anchor? We joke, of course. Sam has been around almost since the beginning – 5 years in fact. He’s certainly served his time; turning up one day at the age of sixteen and sticking around ever since. He is, unfortunately for us, a full time student of Photography at University and will be beginning his final year this September (This means we only get him on Saturdays). Primarily based in Ashton, he is second in CAM experience only to Cheryl and is chiefly focussed on keeping the ship sailing smoothly. This usually involves plenty of editing, social-media upkeep and of course photography. In the studio, he is passionate about portraits and loves the challenge each individual brings. Pets (especially dogs) come a close second, however.

Last but not least is the captain of the second ship in the CAM fleet, Jodie – who is in charge of operations at ‘Beauty Boutique’ (Lancaster). This may be the first mention of our beauty salon on the blog; however, it is an integral part of our setup in Lancaster. We offer a range of services, from nails to makeovers. Jodie is, of course, trained and qualified and does a fantastic job at the helm; she knows each product inside-out and will be there to guide you through all the available options. For us, its the perfect combination. There’s nothing better than having a mini-makeover prior to a shoot, or ‘pamper party’, to make you look (and feel) amazing. The salon is on site at CAM Lancaster (which is great for us), but its not intrinsically tied to our photo-sessions. So you can pop in anytime!