Fine Art

Photography has always taken cues from classical painting. It is difficult to think about today but at one point photography wasn’t at everyones fingertips; it was a totally new way of making images. Early photographers had to take influence from somewhere, and the logical source was from paintings. Some even went as far as adding colours, hue and texture over the original images. Its almost ironic that something that is now associated with truth initially shied away from its innate qualities.

Painting has a far richer history than photography and is still inspiring photographers today (including us), which is why we’ve decided to introduce our ‘Fine Art’ sessions. Its completely something new for us, and therefore something to be excited about. We designed these sessions with the goal of creating portraits that are truly timeless.

Take this image for example – A really beautiful portrait in a classical style. This new session is perfect for slightly older children (8+) who are ready for this more sophisticated style. The sessions are focussed on the individual as we tease out different elements of their growing personality. We spend a lot of time working with different poses and making slight adjustments, whilst we search for the perfect picture. This is were our classical influences come into play. By concentrating on simple and natural lighting we create portraits with a relaxed but distinct atmosphere.

Perfect for girls and boys, the shoot is priced the same as our standard Studio and Location sessions (£35), and includes a 10×8 print – a bespoke option for at extra cost. After the initial session, we spend a significant amount of time working with the images to ensure their timeless appearance. We may even introduce some subtle texture as a contemporary reference to the pictorialists of old! Its a great alternative to anyone looking for something different from their images, and we look forward to working with you soon.