Watch Me Grow

Another week, another blog. This time we thought we’d get straight into it and talk about arguably our most popular session – the Watch Me Grow, or WMG as we will refer to it so forth. The reason its so popular is partly because of its amazing value, just £30 for three photo-sessions including one image from each session at 7x5 spread across the year. Moreover, it functions as a record of an important part of your little ones life, which flies past so quickly. Splitting the sessions into three ensures we capture three special milestones in that all-important first year.

The first of the three sessions we recommend be done at around the 4 month mark. At this point your baby will be noticeably more aware and full of every possible minutia of expression. Mobility is also somewhat lacking at this stage so it is the perfect opportunity to observe those little details that will soon shift and change. Usually at this time, babies are beginning to push themselves up and can support their weight; however, they look just as cute tucked up with one of our blankets. Freddie and Eadie are a great example of the WMG session at its best, little treasures throughout!

Session number three is usually done at around 12 months when baby can stand unassisted. There is usually a golden window we try to hit between standing and running (once they know how they will never stop). Personalities are truly affixed at this stage as baby begins the transformation to a teeny-toddler. The comparison with teenage years is surprisingly appropriate; we have lots of experience dealing with stubborn Sirs and Madams – we always win them over!

Limited collections

5 images from each session at 10x8

5 digitals of the same image in both colour & Bw .

if you opt to purchase our limited collection which is just available for children doing the watch me grow sessions , we will upgrade the (7x5) image you receive to a 10x8 to match the size of the images included as part of that collection , we will also put the WMG image onto the USB for you in both colour & BW making this 6 images in total . 

Throughout our 6 years at CAM we’ve watched many babies grow; its always fantastic to observe and capture such an exciting time in a little-persons life. We recommend it to every new parent and it also makes a great gift from a friend or family member, truly something to stand the test of time. Next week we will look at newborns and give a glimpse into our specialist process.